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Gender in Youth Work - Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities

Training Course funded by European Commission, ERASMUS+ Program, in Štip Macedonia •● After one intensive week of workshops and sessions, as well as interactive games and plenty of discussions, the training course on Gender Issues is over. Participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey are safely back home, now with new ideas and new approaches to gender issues in their own countries. Still, the work continues. Follow us in the next activity in May, in the Youth Exchange! •● A special thanks to all the participants, as well as a big welcome to all the interested newcomers for the next activity! Looking forward to seeing

"Gender in Youth Work: Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities /G-PCO"

"Gender in Youth Work: Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities /G-PCO" The Aim of the Project The main aim of this project is to raise awareness of youth workers on gender equality aspects through the development of social partnership between organizations from civil society and influence youth association to take action. It seeks to provide information, perspectives and resources for deepening and focusing the emphasis of youth and educational activities which address issues related to gender and their impact in youth work. As well it supports the creation of a stronger network of cooperation among the consortium and provides them with the possibility to increase their capacities and com

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