We strive to do it all here at Center ACT for SOCIETY. Our Non-Profit Organization provides a dynamic work environment where deadlines are met and goals are not only met, but they are exceeded. We work on many exciting initiatives to improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the work we do. Learn about our exciting initiatives, and what we are working on every day in order to promote change.


Young 2 Young


The main objective of the project is to contribute to the process of reconciliation and intercultural dialogue in the Western Balkans through the capacity building of young people to prepare and perform theater performances. For this purpose we will increase the awareness of young people from Albania and Serbia about the need for reconciliation and intercultural dialogue through a set of workshops as well as increasing mobility and youth exchange between

the two countries and we will promote tolerance and cultural diversity through the playing of theater performances in 6 different cities in two countries. In project will be included 30 young people, aged 18-25 years old (15 per country) who attend workshops. 20 of them (10 per country) will participate in performance preparing.  Also will be included around 500 young people who will attend at performance and around 5.000 young people by social networks.  

“Making the Labour Market Working for Young People”


The purpose of this Risi Albania project is to contribute to the increase of employment opportunities for young women and men (15-29) in Albania. One way is to increase access to and improve information on labor market opportunities through the media, as a valuable resource for young people, in particular on education, careers and professions. A five-month monitoring process will be conducted with the group of participants to monitor the quality and attractiveness of the programs

Europe respects Human Rights 

Raising awareness of people on the importance of independent institutions as human right defenders and the EU accession process is also a very important activity. We will have 5 open / consultative meetings with representatives of independent institutions, local institutions, local CSOs, local media, students and citizens. We will use for these meetings the assistance of local CSOs with which we have previously collaborated. The open /consultative meetings will take place in Tirana, Elbasan and Shkodra. They will have a wide participation and will be used to support the local CSOs in the EU accession process and to raise awareness of people. The meetings will give information on the importance of the independent institutions in protection of fundamental rights as well as will inform how the empowerment of such institutions can affect the road of Albania toward the European Union. We will use the university's audiences in the three chosen cities to have such meeting and will invite a large number of people. A panel with representatives of Independent institutions, local institutions, local NGO and media will take place in each of these meetings, meanwhile the audience will have students, but even other interested citizens. We will aim the involvement of the young generation as the main force to improve the situation of understanding in our country.

Youth and Adolescence

Founded by UNFPA Albania, Sweden Sverige

Youth and Adolescence is an ongoing project in collaboration with Albania Community Assist in the framework of the UN Joint Program “Ending Violence against Women” founded by Government of Sweden and implemented by UNDP, UN Women and UNFPA in partnership with Albanian Government”. This project has 2 main components. Young Men Initiative  Scaling Up project builds upon CARE´s comprehensive and programmatic effort to fight interpersonal and gender based violence (GBV) as well as to improve gender equality in the region and address preventative issues related to youth extremism and violence. It was funded by UNFPA Albania to continue its work in Kruja Municipality in “Skenderbeu” High School. We are currently. The second component is the nationwide study which is being conducted in 12 cities in Albania entitled: "Gender differences in parenting styles and their impact on parent-child relationships". This research aims to analyze parenting styles, gender differences and their impact on parent-child relationships.



Founded from Care International, A.D.A, OAK Foundation

The Men and Boys as Partners in Promoting Gender Equality and prevention of Youth Extremism and Violence in the Balkans or Young Men Initiative II (YMI II) project builds upon CARE´s comprehensive and programmatic effort to fight interpersonal and gender based violence (GBV) as well as to improve gender equality in the region and address preventative issues related to youth extremism and violence.
The project objective is to enable positive and peaceful societies for young people in Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, that support gender equality and decrease interpersonal violence and its extremism.
The project’s specific objective is to improve Youth NGOs and government capacities to integrate Program Youth - Life Skills Educational Curriculum in the current educational and youth policy strategies and strengthen governmental and civil society efforts related to the inclusion of youth vulnerable to extremism.
This project aims at scaling up and mainstreaming earlier achievements related to the implementation of the Gender Transformative Life Skills program, or short Program Y, via targeted advocacy and a close cooperation with relevant stakeholder through the support of movement / coalition building through the development of new alliances that engage parents and citizens in supporting gender equality focused life skills education program. One of the main results of the project is to develop educational tools for scaling up such activities as online education and working with universities in the training of new educators. To enhance this process, CARE will scale up the Program Y in selected secondary vocational schools whereby the schools take the lead in the implementation with the support from CARE’s local partners and will identify allies among teachers, who will act as trainers of trainers (ToT) and youth engaged as peer educators. In addition, a new comprehensive model, Program Y plus will be piloted working with a more select group of youth vulnerable to violence and extremism. This model seeks to increase community connections and address the multiple layers of exclusion often leading to extremism. CARE´s local partner organizations are increasingly recognized as key players by the public stakeholders in the field of men engagement, youth work and gender equality. Supported by the project, the partners will launch campaigns targeting youth and selected communities, around hate speech and promoting the positive role of all community members in addressing extremism and violence. The project will mainly build on the use of social media, but also involve popular media and the arts to further messaging and reaching vulnerable groups. The project will continue to support the efforts of CARE´s partners to become national resource centers in regards to gender equality, youth work and violence prevention.

Founded by CIJA


“Different and Equal” was our latest project founded by CIJA and implemented in “16 Shtatori” high school in Shijak. The focus of the project was to make young people understand the importance of equality between their peers and in their communities. The training was focused on NFE which made the youngsters to get involved in daily activities. They learned more about different religions, interfaith dialogue and how to fight discrimination through art and culture.


Founded by UNFPA

For the international day of elimination of violence against woman, Center ACT for SOCIETY, in partnership with YOUTH VOICE and supported from UNFPA Albania, organized three self-informative sessions in the city of Tirana. The main idea of the activity, was to dress a mannequin with normal female clothes, and sticking to the mannequin body, quotes and information about women rights and about this phenomena  in Albania.


Founded by UNFPA Albania

For the International Day of Girl Child we organized a workshop about human rights, focused mainly in the problem of early-age marriages in Albania. The workshop was hold in Librazhd, one of the most problematic cities related with this problem. In the workshop we had different experts from UNFPA and UNICEF Albania, who shared their work practices and information about the topic.


Founded by UNFPA Albania

Në kuadër të Ditës Ndërkombëtare të të Moshuarve, më datë 1 Tetor, vizituam Shtëpinë e të Moshuarve në Fier. Mbështetur nga UNFPA Albania, koordinuar nga Observatori për të Drejtat e Fëmijëve, organizuar nga Qendra ACT for SOCIETY, ky aktivitet solli pranë të moshuarve një grup të rinjsh vullnetarë nga Shkolla e mesme jopublike "Flatrat e dijes", të cilët ndihmuan në shpërndarjen e disa dhurata simbolike si dhe u përfshinë në bashkëbisedime me ta. Falenderojmë të gjithë ata të rinj që iu bashkuan projektit tonë dhe që i dhuruan disa çaste ndryshe të moshuarve.
#UNFPA_Albania #UN4Ageing
#ACTforSOCIETY #ZeriiteRinjve
#GlobalGoals #RespektoMoshimin


Founded by UNFPA Albania

Në kuadër të Ditës Ndërkombëtare të Popullsisë, Center ACT for SOCIETY në bashkëpunim me rrjetin Y-PEER, Albania, si pjesë e rrjetit Rrjeti "Zëri i të Rinjve" në Shqipëri - "Youth Voice" Network in Albania nen kordinimin e Observatori për të Drejtat e Fëmijëve / Observatory for Children's Rights dhe mbeshtetjen e UNFPA Albania organizuan në POGRADEC nje workshop me teme "Kontracepsioni" me komunitetin Rom dhe Egjiptian. Falenderojme trajneren e workshopit Dr. Teuta Pipa-Specialiste e Shëndetit Seksual dhe Riprodhues. #actforsociety #HerFuture #Unfpa_Albania #ZeriteRinjve #Pogradec #ypeer_albania


Financed by Raiffeisen Bank Albania

The main goal of the project is to inspire the young generation of a problematic town to become open-minded and responsible citizens of the future. Three main objectives include involve:
1.Encouraging young girls to take control of their life and go after their dreams.
2.Educating young boys to be more supportive and open towards their mothers, sisters, girlfriends.
3.Introducing a healthy and proactive lifestyle to the young general, in order to help them understand that being a good and valuable citizen means respect and responsibility.


Founded by UNFPA Albania

The campaign initiated by the youth for the youth, is part of the Global Movement – NO HATE SPEECH. This project, differently from The Global Movement, aims to engage both girls and boys, in order to reduce the violent acts, besides avoiding NO HATE SPEECH. One of the main focuses is to encourage girls and boys to embrace their values, attitudes and behaviors, to teach them to challenge their peers to stop and prevent all acts of violence towards girls and women.
This pilot project were conducted in two high schools of Tirana, during two different time periods. These high schools are situated in sub-urban areas of Tirana: high school “Abdulla Keta” in Shkozë and high school “Sandër Prosi” in Sauk, considering the fact that these areas are more vulnerable to certain types of violence. The first activity was successfully accomplished in high school “Abdulla Keta” from 12th until 14th of October 2016. The second training was on 2nd, 3rd, 4thof November 2016 in high school “Sandër Prosi”. Following these trainings up, two open days were held in these specific areas. During these open presentations, the young students hold the main roles, by acting as Peer to Peer Educators and passing the information and skills to other students in their schools and in their community.


Founded by UNFPA Albania

We organised a ‘Ride for Human Rights’ on the international day of Human Rights in Shkodra. We made an open invitation for everyone who wanted to participate by taking their bike and riding through the city, wearing T-Shirts that promote particular Human Rights. Also, a tent was placed in the city centre, as the starting and ending point of the ride. In this check-point, members of our NGO and volunteers of Y-PEER as well, stayed and distributed leaflets, prepared in advance by us.


Founded by UNFPA Albania

The Aim was to bring certain attention to HIV/AIDS, by emphasizing their differences as well as their similarities. In this day, we collaborated with Y-PEER to hold in info session in the high school, to young students of 16 years old. This interactive discussion was quite successful, because the students were quite informed, but also eager to learn more interesting facts and safe ways on how to stay away from this infection and syndrom.


Founded by UNFPA Albania

These activities were held within the framework of 16 Days of Activism – Orange the World. On the first day, on 23rd of November, we visited the city of Kruja and held an info session about the elimination of violence against women in high school ‘Skenderbeu’, by showing them statistics as well as the means to fight and prevent it. Later, we were transfered in a central key point of the city to distribute leaflets containing data and valuable information on violence towards women in Albania. These activities were made possible by the work of our staff and the assistance of our volunteers as well. On the 24th, we moved towards the city of Durrës, and implemented the same activity, this time in high school ‘Naim Frashëri’, in which the discussion with high school students was really interactive and productive. Later, we continued in the city center and near the port of the city, where we distributed informative leaflets to the people passing by. During the final day, which corresponded exactly with the International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women, on 25th of November, we were in high school ‘Abdulla Keta’ in Tirana to hold an info session and an open discussion, and later we moved towards the streets to distribute leaflets and raise awareness on the 16 days of activism and on how to prevent and stop violence towards women.


Founded by UNFPA Albania

Në kuadër të Ditës Ndërkombëtare të Fëmijës Vajzë, u zhvillua aktiviteti ndërgjegjësuar në zonën e Kombinatit, Tiranë. Mbështetur nga UNFPA, koordinuar nga Observatori për të Drejtat e Fëmijëve, organizuar nga qendra ‘ACT for SOCIETY’, ky aktivitet solli pranë komunitetit një grup të rinjsh vullnetarë, të cilët shpërndanë materiale informative dhe dhurata simbolike për vajzat e vogla, duke promovuar të drejtat e fëmijës vajzë. Ky aktivitet u prit shumë mirë nga banorët e zonës, të cilën shprehën mjaft interes dhe kuriozitet. Gjithashtu, një sesion informues u mbajt në shkollën 9-vjeçare ‘Musine Kokalari’ në këtë zonë, me mikpritjen e drejtorisë së kësaj shkolle. Falenderojmë gjithashtu organizatat partnere të rrjetit Zëri i të Rinjve, të cilën na mbështetën në realizimin e këtij aktiviteti.


Founded by UNFPA Albania

The Aim was to bring certain attention to the Girl Child, as a social phenomenon which is not appropriately valued in our patriarchal systems. We created a focal point in Kombinat area, Tirana, during this day. In this focal point, members of our NGO as well as volunteers distributed leaflets and small significant gifts for all the girl children around. Also an info session was held at the secondary school in this area “Musine Kokalari”


Founded by Erasmus +

Aim of the project is to raise awareness of youth workers on gender equality aspects through the development of social partnership between organizations from civil society and influence youth association to take action. It seeks to provide information, perspectives and resources for deepening and focusing the emphasis of youth and educational activities which address issues related to gender and their impact in youth work. As well it supports the creation of a stronger network of cooperation among the consortium and provides them with the possibility to increase their capacities and competencies in working with gender related issues, adopt gender strategies into their working agendas and act on local/national level on issues of abuse of gender issues, as human right issues.



Financed by Raiffeisen Bank

Qendra jonë përfundoi me sukses projektin "DEMOKRACIA NЁ SYTЁ E MI". Ky projekt solli një perceptim të të rinjve mbi demokracinë, e shprehur kjo nëpermjet artit. Në këtë projekt u ndanë tre çmime për kategoritë: Ese, Pikturë dhe Video. Fitues u shpallen @Xhemal Kodragjini ne kategorine ese, @Nikol Topçiu në kategorinë pikturë, @Fulvio Papadhopuli në kategorinë video. Falenderojmë të rinjtë për larminë e punimeve, Raiffeisen Bank Shqiperi për mbështetjen e vazhdueshme që i bën projekteve rinore, si dhe Y-PEER, Albania dhe Kongresi Rinor Kombëtar për mbështetjen në realizimin e projektit! #Fotot Emre Kaya #democracyinmyeyes #actforsociety #raiffeisenbank #kongresirinorkombetar #YPeerAlbania


Founded by European Union

The PACT project target the civil society actors from the four regions of Northern Albania—Diber, Kukes, Lezhe, and Shkoder. The specific objective is “to increase the engagement of CSOs in 15 municipalities of Northern Albania in good governance issues and fight against corruption by strengthening their capacity and funding their initiatives”. The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by ANTTARC in partnership with the Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) and Act for Society Center (AfS).



Founded by European Youth Foundation

The main goal of the project is to inspire the young generation of a problematic town to become open-minded and responsible citizens of the future. Three main objectives include involve:
1.Encouraging young girls to take control of their life and go after their dreams.
2.Educating young boys to be more supportive and open towards their mothers, sisters, girlfriends.
3.Introducing a healthy and proactive lifestyle to the young general, in order to help them understand that being a good and valuable citizen means respect and responsibility.


Founded by Raiffeisen INVEST

Power Up Community was a national contest where all the young people 16 to 25 had the opportunity to apply with their ideas in how they can change and help better the community. In this project applied more than 105 youngsters, but only 36 where selected. The participants introduced their projects to each other and than formed groups based on their ideas. Three groups were selected as winners and that will implement their own projects in Belsh, Durres and Sukth.


Founded by Raiffeisen INVEST

ACT for SOCIETY Center supported by Raiffeisen Invest implemented the project "Power Up Community 2". The Power Up Community 2 project aims to empower young people through a better contribution to their local communities. It is a format that encourages young people from different areas of Albania and with great desire to contribute to solving the problems of society through their innovative ideas. Initially, participants were introduced to the project through its presentation and made applications with their own ideas. After selecting the best ideas, among a large number of applications, the selected participants were invited to the 2 day training that took place at the Tirana Youth Center on 6-7 June 2019.



Founded by European Youth Foundation

This project is funded and supported by European Youth FoundationCouncil of Europe. Its aim is to provide the young students that are part of the project with the general concepts of religious harmony, the specific personal tools to maintain a balance between personal beliefs and different beliefs, as well as to encourage their self-reflection and engage them in a theater play to present the main issues concerning interfaith dialogue. 


Founded by Netherlands Agency of Enterprise

ACT for SOCIETY has a new project called ACT. The project started in October of 2018 and ends in October 2020. The goal of the project is to increase the awareness of 17 SDG through art and culture. This project if founded by MASTERPEACE Global and Netherland Enterprise Agency. With this project we will organize 6 concerts, 5 summits, 6 murals and 120 storytellings.



Founded by Raiffeisen Bank

From 01/03/2018 to 30/05/2018 we implemented Living with Gender Equality” project. LVING WITH GENDER EQUALITY aimed to encourage youth reflection on the current gender equality situation in Albania. We organized a contest with 3 categories, essays and poetry, visual art, painting. Young people from all over Albania participated with their work which was focused on gender equality. At the end of the project we organized an event where all competitors participated and 3 winners for each category won a prize. It had a big impact on social media.


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