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Armela Pengili

Executive Director


PhD. Candidate on International Relations. Has Studied in Social Sciences SOCIOLOGY, and MSC-International Relations. She has been trained on social issues and by the EU commission training programs. She is also a lector to an Albanian University. Mrs. Armela has been a trainer on youth programs especially on youth workers issues, gender equality projects, human rights and democracy etc. Recently, she has been engaged as a research assistant within an Albanian university.

Sindi Bande



Cindy graduated in Finance from the Faculty of Economics in Tirana. She is the CARE Program Financier.

Cindy is trained in various leadership and financial management programs. She has previous work experience with Organizations such as UNWomen and UNDP, and has also assisted in EU funded projects.

Nertila Meçani

Program Manager


Nertila graduated in Psychology at  Faculty of Social Science and is currently doing a Master in Clinical Psychology. She is the Program Director of Human Rights and Social Development Program and also the Project Coordinator of “Future4Youth: Young people as Leaders of Life Skills Education in Balkans” project, under the framework of CARE International Balkans. She has expertise in working with children and has been trained in human rights, project management, and peer education. Her devotion and skills have shown her to be a promising young professional.

Eliot Sulçaj

Project Coordinator

eliot img.jpg

Eliot is currently studying General Medicine at the Medical University of Tirana. He has several years of experience in civil society as an activist and volunteer in several youth organizations. He is a team leader of the “Future4Youth: Young people as Leaders of Life Skills Education in Balkans” project, under the framework of CARE International Balkans, and is also responsible for Grants Monitoring Field Visits for Artivist Stafetë project. Eliot has participated in a lot of national and international trainings and conferences regarding human rights and democracy, project management, mental health, gender-based violence, and peer-to-peer education.
Eliot constantly works to develop himself personally and professionally and also to advocate for the problems faced by young people in Albania.

Krista Sila
IMG_4588 (2)_LI.jpg

This is Krista Sila. She is 17 years old and currently a senior in Tirana. She has been part of the BMC for a long time and has been training for three years for several different social topics such as “What is this thing called gender”, “Labels, prejudges, discrimination”, “Identity Columns” and so forth. Her passion is painting because she believes that through art she can bring colors to the society. She is a facilitator in “Men and Boys as Partners in Promoting Gender Equality and the Prevention of Youth Extremism and Violence in the Balkans" project under the framework of CARE International in Balkans.

Project Coordinator


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