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Gender equality in Balkans

In May, forty five people from different countries went to Pogradec in Albania for a Youth Exchange: Gender Equality. The hosting organization of this Youth Exchange was Act for Society Center from Tirana, Albania. They invited the youth at the city of Pogradec on the very south of Albania next to the Ohrid lake. The Youth Exchange was founded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. The aim of this youth exchange was to understand the meaning of gender equality and to get to know the situations in other countries. The purpose was to share good experiences between countries and to avoid common mistakes related to this topic. These young people spent seven days there. The program was


Between 14th – 21st of August, Youth Inclusion Association (Younclusion) organized an international training course that was granted by Turkish National Agency in the framework of Erasmus+ Youth programme. The project was held in Istanbul with the participation of 33 youth workers, youth leaders and young (social) entrepreneurs from Turkey, Albania, BiH, Palestine, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Hungary, Macedonia, Serbia, Egypt, Slovenia and Tunisia. Overall objective was to nourish a new generation of youth workers, as active citizens able to play a key role in the sustainable development of their community and to effect concrete social change in the Euro-Mediterranean societies in transition.


G-PCO YOUTH EXCHANGE POGRADEC, ALBANIA 15-23 MAY, 2016 The flowers were blooming. It was a typical day of spring when one of my Albanian friends invited me to join him in a youth exchange in Pogradec. We had met earlier the previous year in another youth exchange in Turkey, so it seemed an intriguing opportunity to strengthen the bond with my international friend, and more importantly, to visit a new country and get involved with a different culture. So, I contacted the Italian NGO and arranged the travel. On the 14th of May my adventure began. I flew from Milan to Tirana, where I got the chance to visit around and enjoy the night life, guided by my PR friend. The following day we traveled t

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