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"Gender in Youth Work: Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities /G-PCO"

"Gender in Youth Work: Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities /G-PCO"

The Aim of the Project The main aim of this project is to raise awareness of youth workers on gender equality aspects through the development of social partnership between organizations from civil society and influence youth association to take action. It seeks to provide information, perspectives and resources for deepening and focusing the emphasis of youth and educational activities which address issues related to gender and their impact in youth work. As well it supports the creation of a stronger network of cooperation among the consortium and provides them with the possibility to increase their capacities and competencies in working with gender related issues, adopt gender strategies into their working agendas and act on local/national level on issues of abuse of gender issues, as human right issues. The objectives of the project are: Ø To increase the participants’ knowledge and skills in terms of exploring key concepts like: gender, politics of gender, gender mainstreaming, ethics related issues in youth training's and projects etc; Ø To improve understanding of gender equality and gender mainstreaming at European and national level. Ø To raise awareness about the complexity of gender equality in multicultural societies; Ø To make comparative analysis of the structures of gender equality machinery in the countries involved. Ø To exchange good practice on the implementation of innovative measures in the partner countries to promote gender equality. Ø To develop tools for action for youth workers in local level of gender equality/inequality. Ø To promote Erasmus + as a great programme to empower youth workers The project brings together 9 associations from Albania, FYR of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Greece and Italy. Participants to the 3 activities are youth workers, youth leaders, activist and other young people interested and motivated to act as human right activist for gender based issues. Participants on the local activities (during project implementation and follow up) shall be youth with fewer opportunities, young women from rural areas and young boys and men as a core group but any other young person is welcomed. The whole project is related to the promotion of gender equality for increasing youth participation and involvement on equal bases without any discrimination of gender or sexuality. Partner organizations themselves have expressed a strong interest on this theme of the project. The theme reflects the reality of WB countries affecting directly young people working on youth issues, also other relevant EU countries that are part. Having the opportunity to train youth works/leaders/activists on the concrete themes, and equip them with tools on how to fight gender based discrimination and promote inclusion and tolerance, would be an added value to the work of each partner of the consortium. Proposed Activities The project is compound of 3 activities that’s shall entail a professional, highly motivating and involving for the participants, and ensure a great capacity building possibility for the partners involved. Each of the activities, as below described has its own goals and objectives, with a clear picture of contributing to the capacity building of young people, youth workers, youth leaders and each partner promoter for a quality work with gender based issues. Activity 1 Training course addressing the challenges and creating opportunities for gender equality, equity and especially focusing on gender based violence (GBV) issues. To be organised and hosted on 1-8 April 2016 from PEL in Stip, FYR of Macedonia. PEL is very experienced in gender issues and has a great capacity to host international events and provide the best support to the learners. 32 participants Activity 2 Youth Exchange focusing on gender based violence in the eyes of young people. To be organised and hosted by AfS in Pogradec, Albania from 15-23 May 2016. AfS is also experienced in youth work with young people in the region, and tackling especially gender based violence and approaches towards rural areas. 46 participants Activity 3 Seminar with youth workers addressing the different perspectives on gender issues in youth work and aiming to create further opportunities. To be organised and hosted by AfS in Tirana, Albania from 4-10 August 2016. 31

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