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Gender In Youth Work- Follow Up from BPW team

Aim of the project is to raise awareness of youth workers on gender equality aspects through the development of social partnership between organizations from civil society and influence youth association to take action. It seeks to provide information, perspectives and resources for deepening and focusing the emphasis of youth and educational activities which address issues related to gender and their impact in youth work.As well it supports the creation of a stronger network of cooperation among the consortium and provides them with the possibility to increase their capacities and competencies in working with gender related issues, adopt gender strategies into their working agendas and act on local/national level on issues of abuse of gender issues, as human right issues.

22nd and 23rd October 2016 on the Czech Job Expo, where most of the visitors are HR specialist and university students, we introduced the outputs of GPCO.

We talked about Gender stereotypes and student jobs abroad. Like always, we used the speed mentoring method to get immediate response from the participants.We showed them principles which are used on the trainings, youth exchange and seminars and invited them for future cooperation & projects. The success came soon. We have 3 new volunteers, who wish to help BPW organization during the new year, especially Equal pay day conference and expect new project challenges in Balkan? We are looking forward to the new cooperation. BPW team

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