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Terms of Reference-Hotel for implementing Leadership Camp

Terms of Reference


Hotel for implementing Leadership Camp

(30 May 2022)

Deadline for application: June 10th , 10:00 a.m. local time.


ACT for SOCIETY Centre Mission is to enhance the healthy lifestyles and stimulate the sustainable development of society. Its work consists on advocating for democracy and human right issues, promoting culture, connecting youth, stimulating the active participation of young people in the social life and decision-making processes, both in local and national level.

Purpose of hotel

To accommodate 30 people between 14-17 of June for a Leadership Camp in the framework of We are the Leaders of OUR Future project conducted by ACT for SOCIETY.

Criteria’s of the Hotel

1. Accommodate 30 people during 14-17 of June

2. A conference room for a capacity of 30 people.

3. Safe and clean environment for young people under 18 year old

4. Staff capacity to facilitate during lunch, dinner

Evaluation team

Required qualifications

If an individual or company is applying it is necessary to complete and submit the table below with their offers. The service will be assigned upon selection by ACT for SOCIETY Center and PC.

Necessary documentation

In addition, selected the individual or company, should provide other detailed, bank details.

Cost (How to apply for this job)?

Offers should be submitted by June 10th , 10:00 a.m. local time, to the following address:

- Rr. Bulevardi Bajram Curri, Nd.280, Ap.4 Tirana - Albania


Hotel is expected to include in their application:

- Financial Offer

- Capacity of hosting


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