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Terms of Reference for External Audit

Terms of Reference for External Audit ACT for SOCIETY Centre

Deadline for application: July 2018

About us The mission of ACT for SOCIETY Center is to enhance the healthy lifestyles and stimulate the sustainable development of society. Our work consists on advocating for human rights issues, democracy, promoting culture, connecting youth, stimulating the active participation of young people in social life and decision-making processes, both in the local and national level.

Our NGO has been operating many years in promoting active participation of young people in their communities and help them be the change makers for the issues concerning them. Also, we have experience in implementing projects in high schools and specific communities, where we have shown our self to be capable on helping young people create positive culture in schools and/or communities and build connections with each – other. Also, referring to our previous and current projects, it is obvious that our methodology and way of working is focused on research and prevention policy.

External Auditor Responsibilities include:

 Inspecting financial statements to catch errors, misstatements and fraud  Performing audits on systems, operations and accounts  Reporting audit findings and recommending improvements

Job brief We are looking for an External Auditor to scrutinize the financial statements of our organization and report on their financial positions. Shareholders and donors will depend on your evaluations to make informed decisions. To succeed in this role, you should be an exceptional communicator with an analytical mind, attention to detail and sound judgement. We want someone who’s objective and speaks their mind boldly. Your goal will be to provide useful insight and unearth problematic situations regarding the finances and processes of organizations.

Responsibilities  Plan effective auditing processes  Audit financial statements and assess accounts for accuracy and regulatory compliance  Inspect internal systems and controls  Assess risk management tactics  Perform audits of non-financial areas, like Health & Safety and IT  Report systematic errors or fraud indicators  Investigate specific issues regulatory bodies bring forward  Explain audit findings and recommend solutions


Requirements  Proven experience as an External Auditor  Experience in data analysis and financial reporting  Knowledge of external auditing practices and relevant  Knowledge of accounting standards  Excellent verbal and written communication skills  Sound judgement and decision-making ability  Strong organizational skills  Keen attention to detail  License; BSc/BA in Accounting, Finance or relevant field

Application process If an individual is applying it is necessary to enclose: - CV with printed hard copies (or e-documents in PDF format on CD) or active web links that indicates experience described in above eligibility section - Schedule of training and indicative workload - Daily fee/rate per day in Euro and the number of days predicted for the work. The External Audit should make a breakdown of costs in the budget part of the proposal, including different activities and types of costs (travel related costs should be included into the budget, if any). If a company is applying, beside above listed requests, it must enclose proof of tax paid. Offers should be submitted by the end of July 2018, to the following address:

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