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Gender in youth work project in Tirana What did I learned?

In every place of world, people face with problems that caused by themselves. Most efficient way to solve these problems is involving to projects that we all can share

our experiences and f i n d s m a l l solutions to those human based problems. G-PCO Tirana is a great project to raise the awareness among youth workers and to create an environment that everyone can share their experiences, ideas freely. My improvement throughout this project is unpredictable because I thought that we will just talk about what I already know. But, the seminar included different concept. For example, I learned that gender based issues is not just related with women. Men are part of it.

The visitor from “Be a Man” club showed me that this club works with boys only and explains evilness of domestic violence to them. Beside this, I learned that other countries have similar problems as Turkey. According to my observations, we are not the only country that have gender based problems so seriously. Our trainer sometimes divided the group based on their nationalities and sometimes based on point of interest. In small groups, we did discussions. After that, we came with the result which will be shown in the presentation.

Most of the time, I presented it and I noticed that I can talk in English without big hesitations. These presentations made us feel as a family and helped us to know each other. Everyday in Tirana, we learned different ideas, life styles , experiences , campaigns, problems that specific for some countries.

Activities in first few days were depending on knowing each other, introducing countries, specifying the gender based issues.After learning the gender

based issues for each country, we wrote recommendations

that bring small solution to the problems. According to my

observations, every group had different styles through the

recommendations, but trainer showed us which one can be

a perfect one in the way that being formal and acceptable.

Besides that, we had an activities to make the group together

and harmonized. These activities helped me to understand

every human have different perspectives and different

life styles. In activity, our task was to make a plan about

bridge and explaining it to the villager. The most important

part was engineers (our group) cannot do the bridge, and they

can just plan. This was really hard activity for me because

activity forced me to test myself. At the end of the seminar,

we had a most important task because we wrote our own Erasmus+ project which presented to whole group. What makes everything learnable is having a great group to work with. I believe that I fitted into this group very wisely and carefully which makes the seminar more useful. I improved myself while learning new things. Beside, I make everyone learn about Turkey.

Ece Erenler

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