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Andi Llupi talks about TransformERS project in Bulgaria.

Last week i had my 3rd training course in Vitosha, Bulgaria. It definitely was the best project i have been part to. Everything was organized in the perfect way. I liked the way trainers organized everything from introduction to the aim of the project. We had a lot of discussions, we also did them in a professional way using photos , paintings, and videos. I liked the way we partied till late night and still woke up in the morning for the project without any absences. I can say that fun and seriosity was mixed perfectly.I learned a lot about other countries, removed some stereotypes i had about them, learned to respect other cultures, and i kind of changed the way i am.

The cultural night was so interesting and all the groups tried their best. Main topics were Human rights , emigration, gender equality and i thing i learned too much about actuality in every country. I laughed a lot and cried a lot when i got back home. But at least i got back with 31 new friends from all around the world.

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