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The Flash Mob- Orestes Ioannidis

The Youth Exchange in Pogradec was a partnership among associations from the next countries:

Alter Ego Ngo from Greece – People to People from Serbia – Youth Power from Bosnia Herzegovina - BPW from Czech Republic – System and Generation from Turkey – Outward Bound from Croatia – PEL from Macedonia – Enaip Piemonte from Italy and the coordinating and hosting organization from Albania – Act for Society.

Youngsters from each country during the YE were sharing activities and knowledge up to the topic of Gender in Youth Work. Using methods of Non Formal Education we gather to discover the challenges, the perspectives and the opportunities according to title of the gender equality. In total 45 youngsters were part of the YE plus 2 facilitators and 2 others stuff members of the hosting organization.

The whole project was financed under the Erasmus plus Program under the Key-2 action – Capacity Building in the field of Youth for Balkans. In total there are 3 main activities as: Training Course in Stip in Macedonia, Youth Exchange in Pogradecs in Albania and Seminar in Tirana in Albania.

Non formal education

Non formal education is any organized educational activity outside the established formal system whether operating separately or as an important feature of some broader activity that is intended to serve identifiable learning clienteles and learning objectives. There are many methods used in non formal education such as:

  • Workshops and presentations

  • Group work and teambuilding activities

  • Icebreaking games and energizers

  • Experimental interactive learning

  • Media such as videos and photos

  • Dance and sport classes such as flesh mob etc.

  • Theater practicing and acting

  • Personal development activities such as coaching techniques, meditation etc.

Flash Mob

Polka, Dance of Tropoja, Sertaki, Kolo, Cardas, Tarantella, Ankara`nin Baglari…

If You are wondering about the dances mentioned above You should take a look at the video of the Flash Mob made by the participants of the YE `Gender in Youth Work` that took place in Pogradec, Albania. 45 participants from 9 different countries (Serbia, B&H, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Albania) sang and danced in the center of Pogradec with the intention of expressing gender equality and interculturalism to the citizens of the town.

The group themselves organized the performance that included 7 previously mentioned national dances, song `Oh, Happy Day`sang by two participants Christy and Faby, and finally a song `Waving Flag` sang by the whole group.

The Flash Mob was practiced for two days, and the final performance was interesting, and brought lots of interesting moments.

Finally, each participant learnt several different national dances that also improved the connection among the group.

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